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We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
McHenry Country Club
John Street
McHenry, IL  60050-5705
United States
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Home Page Stories

                The McHenry Rotary Club welcomed guest speaker, Marsha Potthoff, Principal of McHenry High School, West Campus, who explained the ‘Advanced Placement Program’ at the school.   Twenty separated courses are offered at the High School including, art, biology, chemistry, geography, history, physics, and psychology.  The stumbling block for many students is the cost of testing which she hopes can be assisted with scholarship help.   The program was held Thursday, February 26th, 12 noon, at the regular meeting in St. Paul’s Church, McHenry. Photo: Rotarian, Terry Fitzgibbons, a school official from East Campus, with Marsha Pottoff, Principal at the West Campus, McHenry High School.

   The annual McHenry Rotary Club Christmas Banquet was held at the North 31 Banquet and Conference Center, 6 P.M., Thursday evening, December 4th.  About 40 guests enjoyed a fellowship time with cash bar refreshments, a delicious meal featuring roast beef and barbeque chicken, and a violin program featuring eight young women violinists and their instructor.  Music varied from the classical to the popular and included Tennessee fiddling!  

German Rotarians Bicycle for Rotary Service
     “Rotarians launched from the burg of Bad Vilbel renowned for its mineral springs, on 3 May.  The 527 cyclists – ‘Rotaryians, families, little kids with backpacks,’ according to Angela Schmitt-Glaser, of the Rotary Club of Frankfurt/Main International—got rolling on a 22 miles trek to Franfurt that raise 877,000 Euros in pledge to help end polio and promote children’s health.”  (Read the full article on p. 14)
Frank Buren on Building Generosity
   “Wealth isolates.  Big houses.  Big cars.  No need to ask favors of people.  Perhaps this is what underlies much of the shift in behavior among wealthy individuals.  When we don’t need to interact with others, our ability to imagine their lives diminishes.”  (Read the full article on p. 25)
Damon and White Talk About Water Projects (Cover Story)
   “When we were in India last year, Gary and I had a conversation with a woman who was paying 20 rupees every day to obtain water for her family from the water vendor.  She was also paying 20 rupees a day to use the public toilet in their slum.  She was spending 40 rupees a day for her family for water and a toilet.  If you add that up over the course of a year, it is a tremendous cost.  She took out a WaterCredit loan to build a toilet in her home and to obtain a water connection into her house.”  The article continues to say she’s now paying about the same as she was on her loan, but in two years will pay it off.  (Read the full story on p. 28)
“Facts of the Matter” on Ants
   “Ants can be excellent problem solvers—and ruthless.  To survive, some steal ant larvae from other colonies and use those ants as workers.”  (p. 54)

    The first McHenry Community Fellowship Breakfast was held at 7:30 A.M. at McHenry High School West Campus, Wednesday morning, November 26th.  Hundreds of leaders and citizens of the community attended the breakfast sponsored by the High School National Honor Society, Kiwanis, Lions, and the two Rotary Clubs of McHenry.  Kiwanian, Nancy Tunberg, who brought the idea to fruition welcomed everyone, along with Jared Kaminiski and Alec Lancaster of the Honor Society.  The McHenry High School Choir provided music for the occasion and led the group in the singing of the National Anthem.  The keynote speaker was Kit Carstens who talked of the history of community development in McHenry, the present situation, and the future possibilities.  The meeting ended with a 17 minute video presentation featuring alumni of McHenry High School West Campus.   Among those attending from the McHenry Noon Rotary Club were Tony Huemann, Sue Low, Bill McLemore, Donna Schaefer, Phil Sweeney, Don Tonyan, and Tom Webb.
   Past District Governor and Club Member, Bill McLemore, presents a two jeweled gold pin to Terry Hargrove whose generous contributions to the Rotary Foundation have earned him the honor of a second Paul Harris Fellow award.  The presentation was made at the regular club meeting, Thursday, November 20, 2014, at the noon gathering of the club in the river side meeting room of the McHenry Country Club.  (Photo courtesy of Donna Schaefer)
   Terry Fitzgibbons presented a plaque to our Rotary Club at the regular meeting, Thursday, November 13th from the Warrior Academy's Speaker Series, for our club's contribution to help pay the expenses for a recent guest speaker, Keith Hawkins.   Hawkins addressed five local schools on the subject of how to deal with bullying among students.  The plaque details Mr. Hawkin's background and information about his presentations, times and places.  According to Terry, this program was very well received by the students.

                The McHenry Rotary Club welcomed guest speaker, Charles Benedetti, a graphologist from Lincolnshire, Illinois, to its regular noon meeting, Thursday, November 6th, at the McHenry Country Club.  He detailed what he looks for in handwriting analysis as well as stressed the importance of children learning cursive writing at an early age.   He is anxious to bring his message to schools where the act of cursive writing seems no longer important.   He feels that learning cursive writing is very important for mental acuity and brain to muscle control.  Shown above, Brian Thomas (left) and Don Tonyan (right) look on as Charles Benedetti demonstrates the benefits of learning and using cursive writing.

                The McHenry Rotary Club welcomed guest speaker, Johnsburg Police Chief, Keith Von Allmen, who gave an informative presentation on his department’s community outreach programs which include an Explorer Youth Program, Shop with a Cop, Community Police Academy, Bowl with a Cop, and a Prescription Drug Takeback program.  Club President, Brian Thoma, also presented a check representing McHenry Rotary’s support of the Explorer Youth Program at the regular Thursday noon meeting, October 23rd, at the McHenry Country Club. 


Thursday, October 16th, Stade's Farm... McHenry Rotarians gathered for lunch here today and assisted with the visit of exceptional children and adults from a local agency.  They enjoyed petting animals, a hay ride, and other activities at this popular local farm and park.  Photo courtesy of Donna Schaefer.



                The McHenry Rotary Club welcomed guest speaker, Robin R. Doeden, Executive Director for the McHenry County Community Foundation at their noon meeting, Thursday, October 9th, at the McHenry Country Club.  Ms. Doeden outlined several programs of her organization that helps veterans, especially in the area of medical treatment and education services.  The McHenry County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Chicago Community Trust.



                Donald Brewer, Assistant Governor for Rotary District 6440, has been elected to serve as District Governor for the Rotary year 2017-2018.  Don is a member of the Algonquin Rotary Club and has served as Assistant Governor for a number of years.   He visited the McHenry Rotary Club at its regular meeting, Thursday, October 2nd, at the McHenry Country Club.  Brewer is shown in this photograph being congratulated by McHenry Past President, Tom Webb.



                The McHenry Rotary Club welcomed guest speaker, Joe Rosner, a local self-defense instructor from Hebron, Illinois.  Rosner put forth some no-nonsense ways in which persons could increase their safety when accosted by a threatening person.  His talk was given at the regular Thursday meeting of the McHenry Rotary Club at noon, October 2nd, in the McHenry Country Club.  His presentation included a role play with a Rotarian to show how to thwart physical aggressive movements.  Photo:  Rosner demonstrates how to break a choke hold with McHenry Rotarian, Terry Hargrove.


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